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Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Process

It can be stressful to have a dead animal in the attic, under the house, under the deck, or in the wall.  Big City Pest and Wildlife can take care of this problem for you in a sanitary and safe manner.  Please call me to discuss your situation and get a quote on dead animal removal.  I work 7 days a week when necessary and do not surcharge evenings or weekends.  Help is just a phone call away.

  1. I will locate the animal and determine the least invasive manner to remove it.  I use a variety of specialized tools including thermal imaging, cameras on poles, and moisture meters to identify where the animal is at when you are not sure.
  2. Once I know where the dead animal is at I will discuss the removal options with you.  My services are tailored to your needs, budget, and concerns.
  3. I’m licensed for pest control and insured for both pest control and wildlife removal.  Many wildlife only companies are not licensed as Texas does not license wildlife removal companies.
  4. The dead animal will be removed in a sanitary way.  This typically involves removing the carcass as well as contaminated soil, insulation, or drywall.  It will be removed from the property and disposed of in a sanitary manner.
  5. Once the carcass is removed we can provide sanitation services to decontaminate the space and exterminate any viruses or bacteria they may be associated with the decomposing animal body.
  6. As a licensed pest control company we can also offer spot treatment for flies that will be attracted to the decomposing animal body.  Flies are part of nature, but many clients would prefer that part was somewhere else.  These are typically blow-flies.  They are attracted to the decomposition and feed and reproduce.  There will typically be thousands of maggots in the carcass.  We have treatment options that will quickly and affordably eliminate the flies and maggots.
Dead Animal Removal

Free services for dead animal removal

  • The City of Houston offers curbside animal removal.  Call or contact 311 for details.  Animal must be at the curb or on a city maintained street.
  • TXDot handles animal pickup from freeways and feeder roads – 713-802-5000 option 1
  • Unincorporated (not in a city) Harris County – 713-755-5000
  • Pasadena Texas dead animal removal –  713-477-1511