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Mosquito Control Service

  • We are pleased to offer the In2Care Mosquito Control System
  • Effective mosquito control using a multi-factor approach and professional equipment.
  • Mosquitos visit the stations and it prevents new mosquitos from developing while eliminating adult mosquitos over the course of a few days.
  •  Affected adult mosquitos lose their appetite as the treatment takes effect.
  • Results are typically seen within 2 to 3 weeks.  
  • Stations need to be serviced every 6 weeks.
  • The system is most affordable when combined with general pest control.
Typical backyard with many sites that are attractive to mosquitos. In2Care Mosquito Control is ideal for reducing mosquito populations.
Aedes Aegytpi Mosquito Control

How In2Care Mosquito Control Works

  • In2Care uses two proven methods to reduce the population of mosquitos that bite during the day.
  • First, a bioactive fungus that targets insects is transferred to the female mosquito when she visits to lay eggs.   This fungus infects the mosquito and kills it within a few days.  It also impacts the mosquitos appetite reducing the ability and interest in biting.
  • Second, she picks up an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that she transports to other areas where mosquitos are breeding.
  • The IGR is effective at small concentrations and prevents larvae from developing into adult mosquitos, greatly reducing the next generation of mosquitos.
  • The stations also contain IGR in the water, and the eggs she lays will not develop into adults as a result.

In2Care Mosquito Control System Diagram

In2Care illustrated system diagram.

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