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Pesticide Information Center

Pesticide information is provided to assist clients with understanding each pesticide that we use on their property.  A SDS, or Safety Data Sheet is provided.  These used to be called MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets.  I also provide the pesticide label which contains important information about application rates, target pests and safety data.  Please refer to your service receipt to determine which pesticide was applied on what date.  If you have any questions about pesticides we use please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or text.

Pesticide Name / EPA Registration NumberDescription and InformationProduct SDS LinkProduct Label LInk
Taurus SC
EPA Reg 53883-279
Termiticide / Insecticide
Outdoor use
IRAC category 2
Taurus SC SDS SheetTaurus SC Product Label
Bithor SC
EPA Reg 83923-2
General Insecticide
Indoor/Outdoor Use
IRAC Category 4a/3
Bithor SC SDSBithor SC Label
Spectre 2 SC
EPA Reg 9124-24-53883
General Insecticide
Indoor use
IRAC Category 13
Spectre 2 SC SDSSpectre 2 SC Label
Duraflex ZC
EPA Reg 53883-426
General Insecticide
Insect Growth Regulator
Indoor / Outdoor use
IRAC Category 3/7/15
Duraflex ZC SDSDuraflex Label
EPA Reg 53883-TX-002
General Insecticide
Insect Growth Regulator
Indoor / Outdoor use
IRAC Category 3/7/15
Proflex SDSProflex Label
Tekko Pro
EPA Reg 53883-335
Insect Growth Regulator
Indoor / Outdoor use
IRAC Category 7/15
Tekko Pro SDSTekko Pro Label
EPA Reg 1021-1603
Insect Growth Regulator
Indoor / Outdoor Use
IRAC Category 7C
NyGuard SDSNyGuard Label
Bithor SC
EPA Reg 83923-2
General InsecticideProduct Label - Bithor SCBithor SC SDS
EPA Reg 1021-2827
General Insecticide
Insect Growth Regulator
Indoor / Outdoor use
IRAC Category 4a/7c
Sumari SDSSumari Label
Trelona ATBS
Annual Bait Stations
EPA Reg 499-557
Subterranean Termite Bait SystemTrelona ATBS SDS SheetTrelona ATBS Product Label
Consumer Information Sheet
Hoja De Información Al Consumidor
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Pest Control Definitions

IRACInsecticide Resistance Action CommitteeA coalition formed in 1984 to promote responsible pesticide use and to encourage practices that minimize development of pest resistance to insecticides. Pesticides are broken into categories that indicate how they work. Repeatedly using a pesticide from the same category can lead to reduced effectiveness of that category.
TermiticideA pesticide for termitesTermiticides are the primary method by which we prevent and eliminate termites.
InsecticideA pesticide for insectsOften interchangeable with pesticide.
PesticideA chemical or biological material that kills or repels insects.n/a
Insect Growth Regulatoraka IGR, a chemical that interferes with the growth, development, or reproduction of insects.IGR's are an important tool in controlling and reducing pest populations. They work by interfering with one or more parts of the insect's life cycle.
EPA RegEPA Registration NumberAll pesticides are required to be registered with the EPA in the United States. The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency. In partnership with state agencies such as the Texas Department of Agriculture they regulate pest control operators and pesticide use to ensure public safety.
SDSSafety Data SheetAlso called a Material Safety Data Sheet. This is an information sheet that explains what chemicals are in a product, the toxicity, flammability, and environmental safety of a product. They often have basic instructions on containment, treatment, or fire fighting for a product.
Product LabelThe label from the pesticide productEach pesticide has a label that explains which pests it should be used on, at what concentrations, and how it should be applied. Pesticide labels often spell out details such as how long a pesticide needs to dry, how long it may work for, and any actions that should be taken to minimize risk to people. Examples include not applying pesticides to food preparation surfaces.