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Pros and Cons of Rodent Control Methods

This page has the pros and cons of rodent control methods that are available.  I offer all three methods and work with clients to choose the method that meets their budget, tolerances, and rodent control needs.  There is no “right” method as each one has tradeoffs to be considered.

Rodent Control Method



Rodenticide Blocks

  • Inexpensive
  • Safe when access is restricted via locked bait stations
  • Several methods and flavors
  • There are lower toxicity options
  • Rats may die in the wall and smell
  • Perceived risk of secondary toxicity.  Non-Target animal has to eat many many poisoned rats/mice to be affected.
  • Toxins can accumulate in wildlife, but are not thought to be a factor in their death (bobcats, coyotes, etc)
  • Birds are much more sensitive to the active ingredients than mammals.
  • May not work as well as other methods

Dead rat in trap

  • Reasonably inexpensive
  • Very safe for non-target species when installed properly
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to find and remove dead rats and mice.
  • No toxin concern for wildlife such as possums and raccoons which may consume accessible animals from traps.
  •  Requires more visits, typically twice a week to remove dead animals and re-bait or adjust traps.
  • Can kill non-target wildlife such as squirrels if they get caught in a trap.
  • Can injure non-target animals if they access the trap…cats, possums,

Automatic Rat Trap

  • Requires fewer visits per month
  • Trap automatically resets after each kill, allowing for more kills between visits.
  • Very effective, proven technology.
  • Technology enables precise count of how many times trap was triggered.
  • Excellent for dealing with heavy infestations.
  • Several bait options available.
  • Quick and humane killing action.
  • Dead animals do not have rodenticide or toxicity associated with the trap.
  •  Higher cost for equipment and consumables
  • Loud compared to other traps
  • Dead animals need to be picked up or they will be eaten by wildlife and stray animals.
  • Placement is critical to success
  • Often requires monitoring via trail cameras or security cameras to evaluate animal behavior.