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Rodent Control Near Me

If you are searching for rodent control near me you probably have a rodent problem with rats or mice.  We can help you get these pests out of your home. Mice and rats can transmit disease, bring fleas into your home, and leave urine and feces everywhere they go.  Worse yet, their constant gnawing can drive them to chew on your electrical wires and pex piping, leading to expensive building damage.

Maybe you’ve tried DIY mouse control and find yourself frustrated.  That’s when it is time to call in a licensed, insured pest control company, like Big City Pest and Wildlifel.  We can help you eliminate the rodent problem, identify damage, and find where they are getting in and what’s attracting them.  We have the tools, expertise, and materials to help with your rodent control problem.  

rodent control near me
H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Rodent Glue Board
Squished Rat

Why DIY may not be a good idea

If you visit any hardware or building supply store you will find a well stocked aisle with poisons, traps, glue boards, and other gadgets.  Some of them are kooky, others are dangerous, and it still involves you dealing with rodents.

Glue boards, like the one on the left, can trap non-target animals causing un-necessary suffering.  

Poisons can work, but come in several different variations.  Older poisons work by causing the rodents to bleed to death, internally.  That’s fine, it kills the rodents, but it can also kill dogs, cats, hawks, racoons, and other animals that see a dead rat or mouse as a snack.

Traps work, and they work well.  If you don’t mind handling the dead, crushed, or gnawed on dead mice and rats.  What’s a little blood and guts?

Regardless, DIY only works if you know how rats and mice think, live, and act.  We do.  We can get rid of them without any hassle for you.

Let’s face it, if you are looking for rodent control near me you don’t want to mess with it.  You just want them gone.  We can help.  With our rodent control programs we’ll give you a green light to enjoy your home, free from rodents and their filth.

Pest Control Solutions we offer:

  • GoodNature® A24 Rat Trap toxin free, quick kill trapping with or without rodent removal.  Safe around pets and wildlife, we handle the work, you enjoy not having rodents or poisons around.   From $64 to $562/monthly depending on the number of units and frequency of service visits required.
  • Trap installation, management, and servicing.  Still toxin free, but not nearly as efficient or as effective as the GoodNature traps.  From $103/mo
  • Rodenticide (poison) installation, management, and servicing.  Sometimes this is an acceptable option.  We only offer selected types of rodent baits that have reduced potential to harm other animals.  From $44 to $442/mo depending the number of stations and frequency of service

Frequently Asked Rodent Control Questions:

  1. Why is there such a big variation in costs?  It really depends on how many traps you need and how often we have to come by and pick up dead rodents or service/reset the traps.  On the low end it’s quarterly, on the high end it’s weekly.  It’s no problem to start with weekly service and then as we get the rodent control established we can reduce the service.  What we don’t want is to have a dead rat in a trap for weeks on end. 
  2. Which one is right for me?  That’s a great question and it really depends on your preferences, circumstance, and how heavy of a rodent problem you have.  We’re happy to work with you and if one system is not working we can change it to another system.
  3. Is there a contract? No.  We don’t play any sales games.  You’ll love our services or you can fire us and owe us nothing more.  We’re here to solve your pest problems, not to become a pest problem.
  4. What about rodent exclusion?  Depending on how rodents are getting in we may be able to help.  If it’s a bigger project we’ll recommend you get a handyman or other professional such as a painter involved for damage repair.  If we have inspected the house in the last year we are prohibited by TREC from working on the home. 
  5. Why should I use a licensed and insured company?  Rodent control is sometimes thought of as nuisance wildlife management, which doesn’t fall under the Structural Pest Control Law.  However, the minute that the company uses bait, poison, gas (including C02), one way doors or traps that kill inside the home they need a pest control license.  These are pest control activities and you want someone who is trained, licensed, and insured to do it safely.  Non-licensed companies can use live-animal traps…. but that’s not going to solve the problem, only relocate it.
  6. Why shouldn’t I use a live trap?  Because it just relocates the problem to someone else.  If you let them go in your yard, they will be back inside in a matter of hours.  Through existing or new entry points.  Extermination works, it’s humane, and it eliminates the problem.