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Hogwash! I say they are trying to rip you off. Oh whatever could this be? Hmmm, let me tell you. I had a call a couple of months ago. A daughter called me because Mega Pest Inc had come to the door and offered to do a free pest inspection. They went in the attic and decided that they were going to try and scam this poor old lady. They came back down and proceeded to tell her that because there was rat poop in the attic the rats were eating the fiberglass insulation. Of course they could fix this for just $10K. Fortunately, the lady called her daughter, who called me. I explained that I charge for my inspections, but that I’d be happy to go and see what was going on.
rat debris in attic
I spent an hour looking at the house, garage, and attic. I found rat poop alright. I also found a dead animal. Both had been there a *LONG* time. The rat poop was petrified. When I crushed it with a screwdriver it shattered. The animal was just bones and skin, no stain on the ceiling below. I found two small holes in the front of the house that could be an issue, but didn’t currently look like a problem.

My advice: Do nothing. However, if you wanted to do something I could plug the holes in the front for a modest fee. If you wanted peace of mind that animals couldn’t go from the garage to the house attic I could screen that off for a couple hundred dollars or less. But my advice was to do nothing because there was no problem. My client decided to have me plug the holes in the front of the house. That was all she really needed.

It’s embarrassing when companies engage in misleading tactics to sell high dollar jobs that are rarely necessary. I’ve argued with other “professionals” about this from time to time. Yes, all poop can make you sick. Yes, the poop from animals is in the attic. So are the mold spores that settled out of the air. So is the dust and small particulate matter. So what! Most people don’t go in the attic and when they do they wear gloves and a dust mask. Problem solved…. for a lot less than the cost of removing the insulation, “decontaminating” the attic, and blowing in new insulation.

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