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How to get rid of Bed Bugs

Expert Treatment

Treatment for Bed Bugs relies on a combination approach using knowledge and effective pesticides.  


Getting rid of bed bugs with professional help is quick, easy, and probably costs less than you think.  Give me a call today and find out how I can help you get rid of bed bugs.


Treatment is a team effort.  Clients must undertake as much preparation as they can to help make the treatment successful.  After treatment there are steps clients can take to preserve the benefits of treatment.


Treatment includes a 60 day warranty against re-infestation and a 30 day follow up inspection to make sure the problem is solved.  Treatment typically continues to provide benefits for 60 to 90 days after application.

Aprehend for Bed Bugs

In addition to holding a pest control license from the State of Texas, Big City Pest and Wildlife is licensed by the manufacturer of Aprehend®, a bio-active pesticide treatment that uses the Beauveria conidia fungal spores that target bed bugs.  This product has been scientifically proven to effectively treat both types of bed bugs that are commonly found in Houston.  Because Aprehend® is a live spore it cannot be left in the heat or cold or it will become inactive and ineffective.  The manufacturer of Aprehend®, ConidioTec licenses professional pest control companies to use Aprehend® to ensure that they are properly trained to use it.   

Unlike traditional pesticide products bed bugs have not shown the ability to develop resistance to Aprehend®.  I believe Aprehend® is one of the best treatment options on the market.  Much simpler than heat with less risk of damage to the property and it’s contents.  Aprehend® keeps working long after the heat equipment is gone.  

Houston has both common and tropical bed bugs.  Common bed bugs are known by their latin name Cimex Lectularius and Tropical Bed Bugs are known as Cimex Hemipterus.  Tropical bed bugs feature a thicker waxy cuticle (exoskeleton) that makes it hard for pesticides to penetrate.  Tropical bed bugs are only found in warmer and humid sub-tropical and tropical locations.  Aprehend® is labeled to treat all types of bed bugs.

Additional information about treating for Bed Bug Treatment

Treatment starts with a thorough assessment to verify that bed bugs are present.  Customers sometimes ask what else it could be, and wouldn’t you know?  Bed bugs are closely related to both Bat Bugs and Bird Bugs which can bite people, but can only reproduce with bat or bird hosts.

From there my preferred treatment inolves using Aprehend® as the primary pesticide and a second labeled pesticide for backup and faster control.  Bed bugs are typicaly not a DIY activity as success depends on thorough assesment and treatment according to the product labels.  Many over the counter products are simply not strong enough or the bed bugs are resistant to that product already. 


Professional treatment can quickly bring an end to bed bug infestations.  This eliminates the bites, embarrassment, and fear that accompany a bed bug infestation.  Improper DIY treatment often prolongs the ordeal of having bed bugs and is frequently not any cheaper.  One source told me that the average DIY Bed Bug customer spends over $400.  

Proper treatment includes treating the whole home or apartment.  My experience time and again is that people are scared to sleep in a bed where there are bed bugs.  They will often go and sleep on a couch or a recliner.  The bed bugs can travel 5 feet per minute, so a quick trip to another room for their blood meal is a minor inconvenience.  They can also wait over 6 months between feedings, so chances are really good you can’t wait them out.

Only two things work to kill bed bugs.  Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 120 degrees farenheight, and approved / labeled commercial pesticides.  

Costs of Bed Bug Treatment

  • Areas to be treated – Successful treatment involves treating the whole home with special attention paid to areas where people sleep.
  • Cost- The cost of treatment is based on the size of the home.  Call us to discuss your needs and get an estimate today.
  • Warranty – Treatment includes a 60 day warranty against re-infestation.  Regardless of the source re-treatment is covered if you get bed bugs again within 60 days of treatment.
  • Re-inspection– Included.  Treatment includes coming back in 30 days to look for them and make sure they are gone.
  • Special Items – Some items, such as electronics, are not compatible with sprayed pesticides.  These items can be treated for an additional cost in an enclosed area such as a plastic container or closet.  We use a pesticide that gives off a vapor that will kill the bed bugs.  This can also work on RV’s, cars, and closets where vapor treatments are more convenient.

FAQ for Bed Bugs

  • Do bed bugs mean I’m dirty? No, they are found everywhere.
  • How do you get bed bugs?  They are introduced through clothing, furniture, suitcases, etc.  
  • What are bed bugs?  Bed bugs are small, nocturnal insects that feed on blood of humans.  Despite the name, they can be found anywhere humans lounge or sleep.  This includes beds, chairs, sofas, walls, ceilings, and furniture.
  • Why are they such a problem lately?  Bed bugs were largely eliminated in the US due to strong pesticides.  Historically, DDT and Cyanide were very effective at eliminating bed bugs.  Due to environmental problems with both they are no longer used in the US.  With international travel and some pesticides being outlawed for environmental reasons bed bugs have returned with a vengeance.

Biology of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs start life as an egg.  The eggs are 1mm in size which makes them very small and very hard to find.  Bed bugs spend most of their time in a small crevice called a harborage.  Harborages can be anywhere from the seam of your bed to a crack in your nightstand.  They can easily hide in walls.  In apartments, condos and other multi-family buildings it is possible for them to go from one unit to the next vertically or horizontally.  From there they go through several life stages called instars.  At each instar they must take a blood meal from a human in order to advance to the next life stage.  They finally mature as adults which can reproduce and start the cycle of bed bugs all over again.  

Bed Bug Treatment and Lifecycle

Preparing for Bed Bug Treatment

Proper preparation ensures successful bed bug treatment.  The more you do, the more effective the treatment.  The less prep you do, the more likelihood of needing a re-treatment.



You can download the instructions in the Pesticide Information Center

Aprehend Homeowner Prep Sheet – English – Spanish

Aprehend Post Treatment Flyer – English – Spanish

Resources and Products for Bed Bug Treatment

  • Mattress Encasement – Each mattress should be encased to keep bed bugs from coming out and biting.
  • Interceptors – place under furniture and bed legs to intercept bed bugs trying to crawl up to bite a human.  Great for DIY monitoring.
  • ZappBug – a small heat treatment chamber for treating luggage and small items.  Great for frequent travelers.

Helpful Information for Bed Bug Treatment