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Thorough Friendly Pest and Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control Information

It’s no fun when a wild animal gets under, inside, or in the attic of your home or commercial building.  It might be tempting to handle it yourself, but there is a reason we call them wild animals.  Wildlife control is the solution to this problem.  Wildlife control is the practice of resolving human – wildlife conflicts.  I have the training, tools, and equipment to safely, humanely, and efficiently deal with your wildlife control problem.  Wildlife can carry diseases including rabies (Raccoons, Skunks, Bats), roundworm, mites, fleas and a host of other problems.

Wildlife Control Options

Trapping and Removal

Raccoon in Cage Trap

Humane, professional exclusion, live trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, possums, and armadillos.  Techniques include consideration for pets and other wildlife that I am not trying to catch.  It’s possible and important to catch the raccoon and not your neighbors cat.


Wildlife Exclusion

Exclusion is the process of finding where insects and animals are getting into the home and then sealing them with the right materials.  Exclusion services are backed by a renewable 1 year warranty. 

Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Animals die in the most inconvenient locations.  Under decks, in attics, under houses, in walls.  Death is a part of life, but it does not have to be part of your life or home.  I have the training and special tools to locate, remove dead animals.  As a licensed pest control operator I can also treat the problems animal carcasses draw. 

Do It Yourself

Rodent Glue Board - Wildlife Control Gone Wrong

Sometimes you just can’t afford to have a professional handle the problem.  I’ve put together some tips and resources to help you in your efforts to safely and humanely deal with your wildlife problems and minimize the risk of killing or injuring domestic animals.  In the photo above a kitten is trapped on a glue board that was not responsibly placed.  The solution by the way is to use cooking oil (such as PAM spray) which will break-down the glue and free the kitten.  

Wildlife I Can Help With


Raccoon in trap

Raccoons are sometimes docile, but they can be destructive and dangerous.  It’s not uncommon for them to reach through the cage to grab or scratch you.  As if that wasn’t enough they also can carry rabies and spread diseases and parasites.  A large unhappy raccoon can destroy a consumer grade cage in a matter of minutes.  I can safely capture and remove them from your property where appropriate.  Most of the time removal, exclusion, and release on-site is the better option.  Removing raccoons won’t get rid of them.  Another one will simply move in.


Possum sleeping in live trap

Possums are sometimes so comfortable in live traps that they will nap in broad daylight knowing that nothing can bother them.  These scavengers eat just about anything.  Frequently conflict comes from them creating a den under a house, in the attic, garage, or inside a wall.  I can humanely catch and relocate them to another place where they can continue to be nature’s cleanup crew.


Striped Skunk

While skunks do carry rabies you run a far higher risk of you or your dog being sprayed.  Skunks are infamous for spraying anything that threatens them.  They like to burrow under homes and wander into garages like they own the place.  I can safely and humanely trap and remove them.  This is one species that needs to be relocated a short distance away and not simply released in the yard.


Eastern Gray Squirrel

Almost everyone thinks a squirrel is cute and adorable.  Until it’s gnawing its way into your attic to nest and give birth to young.  These rodents have sharp claws and teeth best reserved for eating nuts.  They gnaw incessantly and will gnaw on your pipes, wires, and walls.  They also sometimes get stuck in pipe vents thinking they are a way into a home.  Exclusion is the best option, but trapping and relocation are often necessary to avoid repeat break-ins of your attic or garage.  Once a squirrel learns how comfortable your attic is it might need a change of venue to learn some new habits.  Fortunately, Houston has plenty of green space that is similar to most neighborhoods where squirrels can be released.


Mexican Free Tail Bat

Bats consume tons of insects every night.  But they also can carry rabies, so it’s wise not to touch or pickup a bat.  Every year there are several bat to human cases of rabies reported in Harris County.  I can help with excluding the bats so that they find somewhere else to live.  If a live bat is inside your home I can help with that as well.  Dead or sick bats can be removed as well.



Although these guys are the State Small Animal of Texas they are best left at a distance as they can carry Leprosy.  They typically dig burrows and eat insects which can be a nuisance around your home or business.  I can trap and relocate these animals to a better habitat if they are causing conflict at your home..



Originally bred for their fur, these rodents are essentially beaver sized aquatic rats that are about 2 feet long.    When the fur business fell out of favor the rodents were set free in the wild.  They do a tremendous amount of damage to vegetation while spreading typical rodent diseases such as roundworm.  They are an invasive species and relocation is not appropriate for them.


Invasive Rabbit

Rabbits can quickly devour your garden, flowerbeds, and dig burrows under your home.  I can humanely trap and relocate them.  Non-native invasive species will not be relocated.