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Thorough Friendly Pest and Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal Service

Humane Wildlife Trapping

Raccoon in Cage Trap

We provide humane wildlife trapping and wildlife removal services.  Prices vary based on the situation, quantity of animals, species, and location.  Please call to discuss your project and receive a quote.  Under Texas law we (or you) are required to check the trap once per day.  We can only trap on private property under TPWD rules.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal

They are nicknamed “Trash Pandas” for good reason.  Nothing is as tempting as a dumpster with food for a Raccoon.  Unfortunately, Raccoons can be ill tempered and uncooperative.  When they feel trapped they can become very dangerous.  Whether you need us to rescue the raccoon and let it go or remove it from the property entirely varies by situation.  Once a raccoon has learned that there is a treat in the dumpster they will usually be back at the first opportunity.  We generally recommend removal in these situations.

Dead Wildlife Removal

Dead Skunk

When a critter dies on private property it’s generally a private problem.  We can remove just about any small animal whether it is a squirrel, raccoon, rat, skunk, possum, armadillo, feral cat, or small/medium stray dog. Whether it’s in your attic, yard, shed, pool, garage or under your house or deck we can help. Pricing varies based on what species is involved, your location, where the animal is actually at, and what condition the animal carcass is in.  Call us to discuss your situation and get a quote.

Wildlife Removal Services

  • Removal from Attics, sheds, garages
  • Trap and remove / relocate 
  • Dead animal removal, disinfect, and disposal.
  • Removal of animals from dumpsters.
  • We also offer Rodent Services for Rats and Mice.