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Pest And Wildlife Control Services

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Hermalynda Booker
Hermalynda Booker
I had a bat situation & reached out to several pest control companies. Big City Pest was the most professional, detailed, knowledgeable and lastly the least expensive!! Brian comes out & does exactly what he details to you over the phone and is extremely efficient and professional! Thanks Brian
Jan Kemp
Jan Kemp
I had a great experience using Big City Pest and Wildlife! Brian is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He inspected our house for a possible problem with rats in the attic. It was easy to make an appointment, and he arrived on time. It turned out that there was no current problem, and I appreciated his honesty in not trying to sell us services that weren't needed! He took lots of photos to thoroughly document the inspection in our attic, breezeway, and garage. He recommended fixing a couple of places where rats or mice could possibly get into the attic, and the cost for the work was very reasonable. Thanks so much, Brian! We will definitely call you for help with any pest issues in the future. Highly recommended!
Becky Rowe
Becky Rowe
I had a bee problem. Called Big City Pest and Wildlife. Brian came out to my house to give me the options. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He got the bees out and I got a bee free area again . A job well done! Highly recommeed !
Huy Duong
Huy Duong
Brian was very knowledgeable and explained every step of the process. He answered every question we had about the humane bee removal and made it a learning process for our entire family. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has a bee problem.
Anthony Markham
Anthony Markham
Brian was amazing! I had a bee hive inside the wall of my house. Brian figured out exactly where it was and was able to relocate the bees and remove the hive and honeycomb. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and by far the best price in town. He finished quicker than the original estimate and adjusted his cost accordingly. I had a second estimate that was a complete joke. They wanted to change $599 to just kill the bees, but to go into the wall and remove the hive the minimum cost would have been over $1200, Brian was less than half!! They also told me it was unlikely there was a hive and recommended I “roll the dice.” I am so lucky to have spoken to Brian first because of him I knew it was there (picture below). If you have a bee issue, Brian is the man to call!
Craig Small
Craig Small
It was late on a Saturday night and Brian answered the phone and was able to come to our home and remove the opossum and baby right away. He was friendly and humane with the capture and removal. I wish more businesses operated with his professionalism.
Srikrishnan Lakshmanan
Srikrishnan Lakshmanan
Good patient and humane service. Knew bee habits and removal procedure well. And very pleasant and polite
Brian did a great job of evicting some skunks that had taken up residence under my house. He was very professional and always on time for appointments. I would highly recommend this company for unwanted pests.
Marty Yaklin
Marty Yaklin
We had rodents getting in our 9 unit condo building. Heard them in several units. We thought 1 or 2. Turns out Brian killed over 10 rats and identified where they were getting in and helped us seal it all up after getting rid of them. Will definitely use him again if the need arises. Brian was easy to work with and knew exactly how to get rid of them after our personal tries failed miserably.

Summary of Services

Pest Control

Termite Prevention and Treatment

Wildlife Control

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution
  • Raccoons, Possums, Squirrels, Armadillos, Bats, Birds, Skunks
  • Honeybee Removal
  • Inspection, Exclusion, Eviction, Trapping, Removal and Relocation

More About our Pest and Wildlife Services

Humane Wildlife Removal

Raccoon in Humane Live Trap
  • Humane Live Trapping, eviction and exclusion of nuisance animals including raccoons, skunks, possums and squirrels.
  • Humane live trapping is a method of capturing wild animals without causing them harm.
  • Exclusion is the process of keeping wild animals out of buildings.
  • Eviction is the process of removing a wild animal from somewhere it is in conflict with a human, such as an attic, interior of a home, garage, etc.
  • Each situation is unique and I will work with you to identify what is going on and determine the solutions that are humane, legal, and which resolve your animal conflict situation.

General Pest Control

Pest Control Near Me
  • General Pest Control covers roaches, silverfish, ants, wasps outside the home, and spiders
  • Service is provided once per quarter which is generally sufficient to keep pests away.  
  • Please verify that you are in my general pest control service area.

Termite Control

Active Formosan Termites
  • Types of Termites found in Houston.
  • Construction pre-treatment for termites.  Performed while construction or remodeling is going on and walls are open.
  • Post-Construction Treatment options for subterranean termites.  Performed after a building is completed but when you need to eliminate or prevent a termite infestation.

Rat and Mouse Control

Dead rat in trap
  • Rat control and exclusion refers to the process of identifying and eliminating a rat infestation, as well as taking measures to prevent rats from re-entering a building or property.
  • This may involve using a combination of traps and other methods to eliminate existing rats and seal off entry points to prevent new rats from entering. While rodenticides have a place they are generally my last option for a variety of reasons including safety and controlling where any dead animals are located to avoid smells.
  • It is important to hire a professional and experienced exterminator to handle rat control, as rats can carry and transmit diseases, and an infestation can cause significant damage to a building’s structure and wiring. They have to be handled carefully with proper equipment and knowledge of their habits.

Bird Conflict Resolution

Bird Problems
  • Whether Birds are nesting, roosting, or hanging out we can identify the cause and implement the solution.
  • Humane, safe methods of excluding the birds and decontaminating the area they have been using are what we provide.
  • We can also remove nesting material and perform the associated cleanup.
  • As a licensed pest control company we can eliminate with the parasites that infest bird roosting and nesting areas.  Bird mites, roaches, rats, and more are often found where you find birds.

Bat Removal and Exclusion

Mexican Free Tail Bat
  • Bat removal and exclusion refers to the process of safely removing bats from a building and preventing them from re-entering.
  • It may involve using special equipment and techniques to safely remove bats from the building and locate and seal off any potential entry points.
  • Bats are protected by law in Texas, so it is important to hire a professional and experienced bat removal expert who is trained to handle bats in a safe and humane manner.
  • It’s important to note that bat exclusion must be done in the correct time of year, during the time when bats are not roosting or breeding. Exclusion during this time will not harm the bats and it will prevent the bats from entering the structure once again.

Other Pest and Wildlife Control Services

  • Bee Removal – We can safely, humanely, and professionally resolve honeybees in your wall, attic, or on your property.  Honeybees in Texas are often hybrid African bees and some hives are very aggressive to people.  We are able to remove problem hives and relocate them to somewhere they can be productive without endangering people.  This includes removal of swarms, sealing the entrance, decontamination of area where the hive was at to reduce the opportunity for future infestations.  As a former beekeeper I’m experienced in calmly handling bees.  As a last resort I will also euthanize a hive that is either overly aggressive or that cannot be economically removed because it is in a cement block wall, etc.
Bee Nest in Wall

Service Areas

  • Service areas vary by service type based on my ability to provide a quality customer experience.
  • Services are offered in the Houston / Galveston area including Houston, Pasadena, Deer Park, South Houston, La Porte, Galena Park, League City, Webster, Pearland, and Friendswood.

Services Not Offered

  • Domestic Animal Control – for issues with stray dogs and cats please contact BARC at 311 or your city/county animal control.
  • Large wildlife control / management
  • Removal of snakes, alligators etc
  • Fumigation services 

About Big City Pest and Wildlife

Big City Pest and Wildlife is a small, locally owned company.  You receive personalized service, not mass produced sales pitches.  I provide 5 star service, one client at a time.  Whether you have termites tearing up your home, a feisty squirrel chewing up your attic, or a raccoon raiding your garage we can help resolve your pest and nuisance wildlife problems.  Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

Industry Associations I am a member of

National Wildlife Control Operators Association


Greater Houston Pest Control Association


Texas Pest Control Association

My Qualifications and Certifications

While everyone has a license, not everyone has the same training, background or qualifications.  I am a detailed professional who believes in solving problems in a safe, efficient manner using scientific methods.  My other business is GreenLight Inspections, a home inspection company.  This gives me a thorough understanding of building science, best practices, and construction standards.  In addition to solving your immediate problem, a long-term solution usually involves eliminating the way that pests or animals are getting into your home or business.  The first step in solving a wildlife or pest problem is a thorough inspection.  As a trained, licensed professional who holds code certifications I often find un-related issues that I can let my clients know about before they become problems in their home.

Advanced Wildlife Control Operator Certification
Advanced Wildlife Control Operator
NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control Operator Logo
Certified Wildlife Control Operator
NWCOA Rodent Standards Certified Logo
NWCOA Rodent Standards Certified
Bird Barrier Certified Installer Logo
Bird Barrier Certified Installer
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Rodent Academy
Graduate - Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Rodent Academy
NWCOA Bat Standards Certified
NWCOA Bat Standards Certified
ICC Residential Combination Inspector
Residential Combination Inspector - Code
InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector
Certified Professional Inspector
Certified Residential Thermographer
Certified Residential Thermographer

Other Qualifications

  • Licensed, Certified Applicator in General Pest and Termite Categories
  • TREC Licensed Home Inspector
  • ICC Certified Residential Combination Inspector
  • 20+ years of residential and commercial construction experience.
  • Licensed FAA Drone Operator
  • Former Insurance Adjuster